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Business background

Brightside Feeds was established in 2015 after my Aunt’s dog Angelica was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stomach cancer. As part of my agriculture education course in school, I was required to create a project relating to agriculture. After much debate, I decided to formulate a dog food that was easy to digest, high in nutrients, and would give Angelica the strength she needed to fight off cancer. After weeks of trial and error, I finally formulated a diet that worked. Angelica went on to live for three more years before crossing over the rainbow bridge. 

Wanting to sell this “miracle diet" eventually, I knew that it needed to go through further research looking for similar results and if it was causing any underlying health conditions such as diabetes. After three more years of research trials, I began to market and sell the specialized diets to friends and family who had animals that struggled with diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, food allergies, failure to thrive, and various cancer forms—seeing tremendous improvements in quality of life and overall detriment. Over the years, the original core diet has gone through upgrades to include diets for small animals, cats, and dogs with ingredients that target the most common diseases facing companion animals, such as diabetes, pancreatitis, and cancer. 

Brightside Feeds works with your animal’s specific needs and selects a specialized diet to help your animal get the nutrients they need to not only survive but thrive.


Attn: Brightside Feeds is not an alternative for veterinary care, but instead looks at the nutrients the body needs to help gain back strength and handle the care needed to get back on their feet. 


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